Breaking: Representative Karen Whitsett Endorses Lynn Afendoulis in MI-03

For Immediate Release
 Cooper Mohr,
GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., – Lynn Afendoulis, candidate for congress in MI-3, announced the endorsement of State Representative Karen Whitsett today. Representative Whitsett, a Democrat, gained notoriety when she bucked political convention by crediting President Trump for saving her life by advocating for a drug that she said cured her of COVID-19. For that, she was censured by her party. 

“Karen Whitsett does what she believes is best for her community. She listens. She acts. And she doesn’t let anything get in her way — not party politics, not protocol. To know her is a privilege, and to earn her endorsement is an honor,” Afendoulis said.

Whitsett said she sees much of the same in Afendoulis, whom she said works hard for her constituents, not for her own agenda. And while they belong to different parties, she knows Lynn would serve the 3rd District well in Washington.

“I know she can do this. I’ve seen her at work. And I know she supports the president for all the right reasons — not just because he’s a Republican, but because she respects a leader who gets things done,” Whitsett said. “She had a long and successful career in business before this, and she doesn’t need to run for office. But I have watched her use her experience to guide Tax Policy and make important decisions, and I know the people of West Michigan will be well-served by sending her to office.” 

Afendoulis added, “Earning the support of someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to the establishment means a lot to me. We need more of that in Washington. As we get closer to Election Day, I will keep working to earn the support of Michiganders and the people of the Third Congressional District.”

Previous Endorsers:
Rep. Julie Alexander, Chair, House Committee on Agriculture
Rep. Sue Allor, Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Quality 
Rep. Joe Bellino, Chair, House Committee on Energy 
Rep. Kathy Crawford, Chair, Families, Children and Seniors House Committee
Rep. Triston Cole, House Majority Floor Leader 
Rep. Gary Eisen, Vice Chair, Transportation Committee
Rep. Diana Farrington, Chair, House Committee on Financial Services 
Rep. Annette Glenn, Chair, Military and Veterans Affairs and State Police Appropriations Subcommittee
Rep. Beth Griffin, House Committee on Ways and Means
Rep. Michelle Hoitenga, Chair, House Committee on Communications and Technology
Rep. Pamela Hornberger, Chair, House Committee on Education 
Rep. Gary Howell, Chair, House Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation
Rep. Brandt Iden, Chair, House Committee on Ways and Means 
Rep. Steve Johnson, Vice Chair, Committee on Communications and Technology
Rep. Bronna Kahle, House Committee on Ways and Means
Rep. Beau LaFave, Chair, House Committee on Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security 
Rep. Eric Leutheuser, Caucus Chair and Committee on Ways and Means
Senator Pete MacGregor, Majority Floor Leader
Rep. Matt Maddock, Chair, Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Rep. Greg Markkanen, Vice Chair, Insurance Committee
Rep. Aaron Miller, Vice Chair, House Appropriations Committee; Chair of the following subcommittees: School Aid, Michigan State Police,  Department of Education, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs 
Rep. Mike Mueller, Vice Chair, Committee on Military, Veterans and Homeland Security and of the Agriculture Committee
Rep. Jack O’Malley, Chair, House Committee on Transportation
Rep. Daire Rendon, Chair, House Committee on Insurance
Rep. John Reilly, Vice Chair, Oversight Committee
Rep. Jason Sheppard, House Majority Floor Whip and Chairman, House Committee on Government Operations
Rep. Brad Slagh, Vice Chair, Appropriations Subcommittee on Corrections, and Joint Capital Outlay
Rep. Scott VanSingel, Chair, Higher Education & Community Colleges Appropriations Subcommittee
Rep. Hank Vaupel, Chair, House Committee on Health Policy
Rep. Pauline Wendzel, Vice Chair of Commerce and Tourism and of Energy
Rep. Mary Whiteford, Chair House Appropriations Department of Health and Human Services Sub-committee

Lynn also has been endorsed by  VIEW PAC and is on the Women to Watch list of EPAC as well as NRCC’s On The Radar. She will be rolling out more grassroots endorsements in the coming days and weeks. 

About Lynn
Lynn is running for Congress because she believes we are fighting for the very fabric of who and what we are–the things that President Trump is fighting for and that attracted her grandparents to this country. She wants to protect the rule of law and represent the people of the 3rd District in a way that they’ve been yearning for – with integrity, engagement, and effectiveness. And to show her children that this is all worth fighting for.

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You can follow along with Lynn’s campaign on Facebook and see her campaign website here.