Breaking News: Michigan Trump Republicans Endorse Lynn Afendoulis

For Immediate Release
 Cooper Mohr,

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., – Lynn Afendoulis, candidate for Congress in MI-3, announced the endorsement of the Michigan Trump Republicans. Like many Michiganders, the Michigan Trump Republicans know that Lynn Afendoulis is the best candidate to represent West Michigan and work with President Trump in his second term. Lynn has a conservative track record that the Michigan Trump Republicans used in determining their endorsement. She is the only candidate with a record that voters can look to as they decide whom they can trust to represent them best. And, unlike other candidates, she has never donated to groups formed to oppose the President and his agenda. 

“West Michigan deserves a true conservative in Congress. For far too long, Justin Amash has failed to represent the people who elected him. Sending a Never-Trumper just like Justin to Washington will get the people of the third the same results. Anyone who donated to a group founded to oppose ‘Trump’s corrupt agenda of hate’ cannot be trusted to work with President Trump,” said Rosanne Ponkowski, president of the Michigan Trump Republicans.

“Lynn Afendoulis is someone the voters can trust to work with President Trump, stand up for West Michigan as she has done her whole life, fight for our values and be responsive to the district’s needs. We encourage all Michiganders and supporters of the President to support Lynn Afendoulis,” she added. 

Lynn Afendoulis said, “The Michigan Trump Republicans are the grassroots of our party and I am honored to have their support. This has always been home for me, and this is about service to the community I love. My grandparents came to America in search of the American Dream, and because of their sacrifices, I have the chance to run for Congress. I want to go to Washington to ensure our way of life is well represented, secure our border, and ensure that President Trump has an ally, not a foe, as we work to rebuild our economy. In the coming weeks, I hope to earn the confidence of voters who will send me to Washington to represent them and our West Michigan values.”

About Lynn
Lynn is running for Congress because she believes we are fighting for the very fabric of who and what we are–the things that President Trump is fighting for and that attracted her grandparents to this country. She wants to protect the rule of law and represent the people of the 3rd District in a way that they’ve been yearning for – with integrity, engagement, and effectiveness. And to show her children that this is all worth fighting for.

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You can follow along with Lynn’s campaign on Facebook and see her campaign website here.