Never Trumper’s Line Up to Help Meijer

For Immediate Release
 Cooper Mohr,

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., – Over the past week, the race for Michigan’s Third Congressional District has begun to see dark money attacks come in from outside Michigan. These attacks are funded by groups that are loaded with people who are opposed to the President and his agenda—and some to whom Peter Meijer has donated. 

“It should surprise no one that Peter Meijer’s Never-Trump buddies are attacking the real conservative in this race. If Meijer were an actual outsider, he’d tell Greg Orman to stop these attacks. But, since Meijer is looking for a job in D.C., he will not do that,” said Cooper Mohr, Afendoulis campaign spokesman. 

Greg Orman was a failed gubernatorial candidate in Kansas to whom Peter Meijer donated in 2017. Now it appears Greg is repaying the favor.

Below is the screenshot of the notification of the attack on Lynn Afendoulis. Here you can see that this is titled “Mailer 3,” which means two other mailers previously were sent out attacking her.

Who is Fix Congress Now! ? 
Fix Congress Now! It has three donations since March 05, 2020, and they are all from Unite America.

Who is Unite America? 
Here’s their about page. Interestingly, they are helping Peter Meijer–and who is on their board? Failed Kansas gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman (who got support from Peter Meijer in 2017).

Meijer’s Never Trump History

  • In March of 2017, Peter Meijer authored an op-ed where he said the Trump White House is a backdrop of “half-truths and outright lies.” [Task & Purpose Op-Ed, 3/17/17]
  • October 14, 2016, Peter Meijer donated to a group that was founded to “oppose Trump’s corrupt agenda of hate.” [Federal Election Commission, 10/14/16]; [Common Defense website]
  • Meijer is a founding board member of the “With Honor” Super PAC
    • This group spent money electing nine democrats in 2018 – and every one of them voted to impeach President [H.Res. 660 Vote 604]
    • Meijer’s group made direct donations to Nancy Pelosi, Emily’s List, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, [Federal Election Commission]
    • The group received $250,000 from former Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg
  • Meijer contributed the maximum possible contribution to Justin Amash in December of 2017 [Federal Election Commission, 12/31/17]
    • This was after members of President Trump’s team had called for a primary opponent.

About Lynn
Lynn is running for Congress because she believes we are fighting for the very fabric of who and what we are–the things that President Trump is fighting for and that attracted her grandparents to this country. She wants to protect the rule of law and represent the people of the 3rd District in a way that they’ve been yearning for – with integrity, engagement, and effectiveness. And to show her children that this is all worth fighting for.

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