About Lynn

Lynn Afendoulis is a successful businesswoman, a community leader, a first-time state representative, and a mom who has called West Michigan “home” all her life. She is running for Congress to protect the values that allowed her, a second-generation American, to pave her path in work and life, and to seek election to Congress.

Lynn’s grandparents came to America seeking security, opportunity, and freedom—the American Dream. They all became proud Americans, sent their children to school and their sons to war, and built churches, businesses and a community that valued faith, family, and hard work. Lynn’s mother became an elementary school teacher. Her father owned a steakhouse. Her uncles opened dry cleaners, restaurants, corner stores, and other businesses–and they all nurtured an ethos of hard work, faith, and integrity.

Their legacy is Lynn’s conservative outlook on life: protect the American Dream for those who have come here legally, keep government out of their way, and help people achieve the dignity of independence.

The eldest of three girls, Lynn graduated from Michigan State University and became a journalist. She was a newspaper reporter before turning to a career in business.

In 1998, Lynn faced a life-threatening challenge: Her daughter, Katharine, was born prematurely when Lynn was infected with Listeria. She nearly lost her life and her daughter’s. The family faced tough times, but through it all, Lynn never doubted herself and pushed through by relying on her faith and strong extended family for strength. Today, her daughter is studying to be a music teacher, and her son Evan (who was adopted as a toddler from Guatemala) is going into a trade.

Lynn is running for Congress because she believes we are fighting for the very fabric of who and what we are–the things that President Trump is fighting for and that attracted her grandparents to this country. She wants to protect the rule of law and represent the people of the 3rd District in a way that they’ve been yearning for – with integrity, engagement, and effectiveness. And to show her children that this is all worth fighting for.