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As Lynn seeks to address issues facing the state, she will be guided by principles that are important to her and to those who elect her:


Protecting our Constitutional Rights

This country was founded on one of the greatest charters of all time – the Constitution – and we must defend it vigorously, from the right to bear arms to freedom of speech.

Government Accountability 

The government is the people and operates on their hard-earned dollars. We must advocate for policy that keeps more money in their paychecks. 

Pro Life 

Life is sacred and must be protected by our elected officials. 

Investing in Infrastructure 

Rebuilding Michigan's crumbling roads and bridges must be a top priority. 

Pro - Business 

Government doesn’t create jobs, business does. We must continue to  make Michigan a great place to work and raise a family. 

Responsible stewardship of our natural resources

We are the beneficiary and protector of one of the world's greatest natural resources--the Great Lakes ecosystem--and I take that seriously and hold it dear.

Quality Education 

Everyone deserves the opportunity for a quality education. Michigan's comeback hasn't included education. We are failing our children and must turn things around. Now. 

Community Health 

Government must help ensure healthy communities and strong families. 

Honesty and Transparency 

Serving as a legislator is a privilege and is service. The work is for the good, not the glory.

Committee to Elect Lynn Afendoulis | 3333 Falcon Bluff Court NE | Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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