Protecting the sanctity of life is not just a talking point for Lynn. It is her deeply held belief and her perspective as the mother of two beautiful children, one born prematurely and sick and one adopted from Guatemala. And it is her commitment: one of her first acts as a state legislator was to sponsor legislation to protect the unborn. 

When Lynn was 29 weeks pregnant with her daughter, she knew something wasn’t right and went to the doctor’s office. They conducted an ultrasound–and were unable to see her unborn child’s internal organs; something seemed to be terribly wrong. Four days later, Lynn had an emergency C section to save her daughter’s life–and her own. As it turned out, Lynn was infected with listeria, and her unborn child was filled with bacteria and very sick. Others may have made a different decision when told that there was something wrong with their unborn child, but Lynn chose life. This year, her beautiful, healthy daughter graduates from college to become a music teacher. 

Lynn also is grateful to the woman who bore her son and gave him up for adoption. The thought of life without him isn’t possible, and Lynn is grateful to the woman she knows as Rosaura for making the right decision to give her son life. 

Lynn is so dedicated to the cause that, in her first five months in the Michigan State Legislature, she sponsored a bill to ban dismemberment abortions. It passed the Michigan State House. The governor has threatened to veto it, but Lynn won’t back down in her quest to fight for the unborn.

This is the kind of bold leadership we need — the leadership of action, not talk. The voters of the 3rd District can trust that Lynn will never waiver on the issue of life. 

Standing Up to China

For far too long, China and the rest of the world have taken advantage of American workers, resources, and ingenuity. Lynn believes that the President has shown how tariffs can be a powerful tool to bring nations to the negotiating table. Lynn supports using tariffs to rectify past trade deals that hurt the American worker and to even the playing field. Tariffs weren’t popular when President Trump began using them, but he understood that the short-term pain they created, as difficult as it was, resulted in long-term gain. It’s that kind of bold leadership that Lynn respects and intends to emulate.  

President Trump has stood tall and strong against China, unlike Joe Biden, who has been weak on China and has had a long history of underestimating the Chinese regime. Lynn will be a strong ally of the President in his efforts to stand up to China and to make the tough decisions that put America first. 

Illegal Immigration

Lynn grandparents — maternal and paternal — emigrated to the United States legally to escape horrors of war and to seek the American Dream. They proudly became citizens, built businesses and churches, sent their children to school and their sons to war. Lynn’s paternal grandparents had three sons who served in WWII and occupied Japan to defend their new country and freedoms.

Lynn believes we must open our arms to people who arrive here legally and those who truly need our protection, but she also believes our welcome mat has been exploited. Thanks to the inaction of Justin Amash and Democrats in Washington, we now have a crisis at the border. Congress must take aggressive, decisive action — now — to secure our border, to defend our legal immigration system, and to address the national security and humanity crises Congress has enabled. 

President Trump called the flow of illegal immigrants across our border a crisis from the very beginning because he understands the severity of the issue: it threatens safety, it undermines the law of this country, and it creates problems for those who come here legally. West Michigan needs someone in Washington who will work with the President to fully fund our border security and increase the resources for our dedicated, hard-working law enforcement officers on the front lines. Once we address the crisis at the border, Congress must begin fixing our immigration system. There are industries such as farming that need seasonal workers. Our system can simultaneously secure our border and keep seasonal workers coming into the country.

We are a nation of immigrants, and we must return to the days of demanding that people who enter this country follow the rule of law. That’s what President Trump is doing, and what Lynn will support as your next congresswoman. 

Term Limits

Lynn isn’t running for office to create a career; she wants to put the experiences gained from her long and successful career in the private sector to work for the people of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District and use them to make a difference for the place she has called home her entire life.

It’s because of this that she supports term limits. Lynn believes that no one should be going to Washington looking for a job; people with a broad and proven track record of success and dedication to their community are the best suited to serve their districts and this nation. And, for Lynn, this election is about serving the people of West Michigan with engagement and integrity and giving them the representation they have lacked since Justin Amash took office.

Trump Economy

President Trump led our country into an unprecedented period of economic growth. COVID-19 set us back, but under President Trump’s leadership, we will get our economy back on track. In fact, Lynn can’t imagine having anyone else at the helm as we create the Great American Comeback.

Lynn will work with President Trump to continue to roll back the burdensome regulations that the Obama-Biden administration placed on the entrepreneurs and small businesses of this country. They are the backbone of this country and need to be empowered, not hindered. Lynn believes that we do not need to be raising taxes on the American people; instead, we must make tough decisions about spending and use the money taxpayers already give us prudently and efficiently. Sometimes, that means saying “no” to an expenditure. We must continue to allow people to keep more of their hard-earned money in their wallets.

Lynn will stand up to anyone in Congress who looks to raise taxes rather than cut excess waste. She isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions. And she will support President Trump in this effort and others as he seeks to get our economy back on track, and even better than before.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is under attack from the radical left in this country. During her time in the state legislature, Lynn has proven that she will vote to protect the Second Amendment and ensure law-abiding citizen’s rights are not infringed upon by our government. 

Lynn has voted for constitutional carry, for reducing the offense of carrying with an expired CPL from a felony to a civil fine, to eliminate gun-free zones except for schools and school property, and for other bills that ensure our right to bear arms. While some can say how they would vote on these issues, Lynn is the only person who has proven exactly how she’d vote. We can trust her to take that same dedication to our Second Amendment rights (and all our rights and freedoms) to Washington, D.C. 

Socialism & The Radical Left

Lynn is running because she believes that we are at a crossroads in American history. One path leads us to a government that controls more, allows for fewer personal freedoms, and nationalizes whole industries, believing that’s the only way for people to prosper. It trusts the government over individuals. The other path leads to personal freedom and responsibility, self-sufficiency, personal liberties, and acts with the belief that it is the people of this country that make it great, not a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington, DC.

Lynn not only can stand up to the likes of AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and the rest of The Squad of misinformed, but she wants to. She looks forward to it.  Because she intends to fight for the America to which her grandparents emigrated for personal freedom, safety, and opportunity and in which she wants her children to thrive. 

Lynn has called West Michigan “home” her entire life. She understands the essence, needs, and nuances of the community. She can clearly articulate West Michigan values, and she can show why they offer a better path for America than the path the new pseudo-socialists of the radical left believe they want.

Lynn will fight for America.  She will fight for West Michigan. And she won’t back down. 

Water: A West Michigan Treasure and Responsibility

One of Michigan’s mottos is Water Winter Wonderland. Indeed, the peninsulas that make up our state comprise 4,530 miles of shoreline–more than the 1,293 miles of coast for California, Oregon, and Washington, combined. As a youth, Lynn’s family stayed at cottages for weeks on end on the shores of Lake Michigan, she attended camps on the lake and vacationed with friends and their families. Her cousins lived on the landward side of a dune, and Lynn’s favorite memories are of days on the beach from sun up to sundown.

Michigan is defined by the largest freshwater ecosystem on earth, with more than 20 percent of the world’s freshwater. That is both our blessing and our responsibility. There is no place like the sandy shores of Lake Michigan or the crystal clear, frigid waters of Lake Superior, but there are plenty of threats to them. Michigan’s representatives in Washington take with them the significant responsibility of protecting the Great Lakes from things like Asian Carp, zebra mussels and other invasive, destructive species; plastics, PFAS, and other destructive contaminants; overuse by commercial and recreational interests, etc. 

In April 2019, Justin Amash was the only member of the Michigan delegation not to voice support for or sign a letter to the Trump Administration advocating for funding to ensure that Great Lakes would remain clean. It is inconceivable that Congressman Amash failed to step up and represent the people of this community and state. When Lynn is in Washington, there will never be a doubt as to how she will act – and that will to fight for the Great Lakes, not turn her back on them. 

 The health of the Great Lakes affects the health of our jobs, our recreational opportunities, our wildlife, and our communities. Lynn takes this seriously and will work with the President to make sure our Great Lakes are protected, not just for Michiganders, but for the world. 

Water Settlement in West Michigan

Lynn’s House District is ground zero for PFAS contamination in Michigan (PFAs are Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances that are used in many industries, including in leather tanning). The decades-old practices of a manufacturer in her district created PFAS contamination that affected many communities and families, and Lynn sponsored legislation to address it (to put water filters on drinking fountains in schools, for example) and by continually shined a light on it. Early this year, a judge approved a $69.5 million settlement between the company and the state to connect homes whose wells were contaminated to municipal water systems, something Lynn advocated for.  The irony and tragedy that people in Michigan, a state surrounded by the largest body of surface freshwater in the world, couldn’t drink their own well water hasn’t been lost on Lynn, and she will continue to fight for clean water in West Michigan and throughout the state.